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Amazon Listing Optimization

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Amazon is an biggest retailer or b2b marketplace. If you are an succesful seller there that is enough for you.

Selling on amazon needs extensive information and efforts because of competition.

However there are a lot of sellers and have no knowledge how to list their products.

Even simple touch can change their sales rates and decrease advertising costs. 

This service only contains amazon product listing optimization. 

We will turn your simple product listing page into more advanced listing. We will analyze best selling long tail and short tail keywords. we will collect your competitors data and use them with A9 and SEO suitable way. 

We will also works with the product pictures. We may request update product images and we will made some SEO and A9 task on that.

A9 is an amazon algorithm to rank sellers according to their effects. We are helping amazon to understand our products more effectively and turn this data more sales.

SEO is an seach engine algoritms that help seach engines to understand the websites. We have to make amazon product listings suitable both for amazon and search engines. So you can get more traffic from other source. This will also effect amazon A9 algoritm. 


At the end you will be happy to see the results.