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SEO (Search Engine Optimized ) Article Writing

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What is SEO and Why it is important?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the way getting traffic to your web sites. Otherwise you have no visitors.  This is short description. If you need more details about what is the SEO you should learn about search engines. Search engines such as google, yahoo etc. they are different search engines but they have to analyse your web site according to some rules. If you create content according to search engines they can understand your web site more clear way and you will see your web pages or contents more good level. 

If someone search any keyword on google, they can see a lot of results. If you have not there you will not get any traffic or sales on your web site. 

We are an experienced on SEO but it takes a lot of times and effort to get attention to your web site. 


SEO Needs.

- Focus Keyword Phrases : You have to find profiatable long tail and short tail keywords and focus on them on your articles. People can use some of the analitic softwares to find profitable keywords. 

- Article Producing : You have to use that keywords into your articles in a reasonable way.

- Article Index : You have to create an article which is perfect for readers. So they can spend more time in one article. They can navigate inside the article and inside your web site. If your visitors navigate in your web site you will get attention more because of search engine algoritms. 

- BackLinks: You need to get backinks from other high traffic source to your web site. This can be paid ads but there are more reasonable ways to do it also.


- You have to keep working and this will take time. But in the end you will get traffic. Than you shold focus on retargeting, upsell and downsell and other marketing technics to sell more.


What we are offering : 

This listings contains 1 article works for you. 

We will do for this article the following jobs for you.

1- Finding longtail and short tail keywords with an excel sheet and search volumes.

2- Finding similar web sites and links by using the same keywords. (your competitiors)

3- Original Product Reviews. (if you offer product free you have to send product to us. We will not give you positive feedback guarantee. We will make it unbiased way)

4- Other Reviews (We will collect customer and other reviewers comments and use that data with SEO way.  We will no make copy and paste. We will rephrase it with seo works)

5- We will create free backlink source. 

You have to give us credential to reach your web site so we can create content for you.


Generally we will produce 1 article within 1 week.  So after you purchase we will contact with you to collect access data and topic of the article.